Infos :

Algoid est un outil et un IDE conçus pour apprendre aux enfants à programmer.
Algoid est basé sur un langage "general purpose", puissant et facile à apprendre appelé AL.
Cette application a été créée pour permettre d'apprendre le langage de programmation AL depuis votre appareil mobile / tablette de façon déconnectée.

Fonctionnalités :

  • Fonctionne déconnecté
  • Zoom intégré
  • Référence interactive
  • Possibilité de partage de code d'exemples avec l'app Algoid (si installé)
  • Pas de publicité
  • Pas de permission requise (sauf une connexion à internet)

Icône :

Prix : Gratuit

- description

Want to learn computer programming? Algoid is created just for you.Algoid is an educational app that uses a simple but complete language called Algoid Language (AL) to teach programming.Target AudienceKids, teenagers and adults interested in learning computer programming.★★★ Algoid makes learning to program simple and fun!Remember the Logo programming language? The friendly turtle/robot that introduces the basics of programming step by step?Algoid is based on the same idea that is visual feedback loop − Write code, run, debug, and watch the turtle drawing the result.★★★ Algoid goes further.

It includes a real-time debugger (the first and so far the only one on Android), a step-by-step execution mode, and scope explorer for better understanding.What’s more, you can hide the turtle and write code for your own video games.In short, Algoid can turn your Android device into a real programming workstation dedicated to self-learning and at the same time it makes learning fun.Algoid has all the tools you need to become a programmer, whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult.The goal of Algoid is to enable everyone to learn how to code.---- Highlights ----Feature-rich Integrated Development Environment (IDE):★ Syntax highlighting★ Debugger with breakpoints (interrupt operation and debug)★ Step-by-step execution mode★ Real-time scope explorer★ Auto-completion of code★ Syntax error handling★ Unlimited Undo and Redo★ User interface optimized for small screensAlgoid also provides a documentation platform with Tutorials and an Online Forum.---- What Algoid is not----Algoid does not run through Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A).

Instead, it integrates its own formal language parser.

This choice was made to facilitate the integration of debugger, step-by-step execution mode, and scope explorer.Algoid Language (AL), although it draws inspiration from Java, is not Java, but its interpreter and runtime are both written in Java.Algoid is not a compiler, but a scripting language interpreter.Algoid is not (not yet but I am working on) a C, Python, JavaScript or Java IDE, but a dedicated one for Algoid Language.


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