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Findings vous permet de tenir des notes de vos expériences au jour le jour, de voir leurs avancées et de mieux tenir compte de vos résultats.

Le compagnon idéal sur une paillasse ou sur le terrain.

Icône : Findings - Lab Notebook

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Findings - Lab Notebook - description

Findings Software SAS

Findings is your lab notebook, reinvented.

With Findings, you can easily keep track of your experiments and your research: your lab notebook is always with you and always up to date, be it on the field, at the bench, or at a conference.

Findings helps you browse your results, reproduce crucial experiments, and assemble and publish your discoveries.

Findings for iOS is even more powerful when used in combination with Findings for Mac (separate app available on our web site), and with Apple Watch.


With Findings, all your experiments are in one place, neatly arranged and easy to browse.

See what you have planned for today and this week.

You can follow your progress, add a picture or a quick note, edit your experiment conditions, and never forget a step.

Once finished, your results are safely stored alongside your notes and the protocols you used.

All in one place, always saved, always accessible to your future self.


You can attach a countdown timer, a stopwatch or a timestamp to any task in any of your experiments.

All your running timers are accessible from the list of experiments and can easily be viewed in context with just one more tap.

Thanks to local notifications, Findings will remind you when the time has come, whatever app you're using, wherever you are, online or offline.

And of course, Apple Watch works great with timers too!


Protocols have a special place in Findings, where you can browse, edit, and organize them.

Protocols are the primary building blocks of your experiments.

You can add one protocol or multiple protocols to an experiment.

Once integrated, a copy of the protocol is made, so you can modify it just for that one use, and leave the original untouched.

Protocols can be organized by field, with a number of sufields available for each: biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, engineering, mathematics, cookery.

Findings is for all the branches of science.


All your data can be automatically synced and backed up to Dropbox.

Once linked to a Dropbox account, your experiments and protocols are shared with Findings on other iOS devices or on your Mac (separate Findings app for Mac available on our web site).


Your research should not be in a silo.

Findings can easily export any subset or all of your experiments and protocols to PDF, with all the attachments neatly arranged in folders.

With our smart export/import features, you can also collaborate directly with Findings, and choose what to share, how to share it and when to share it.


Unlike most electronic lab notebooks (ELN), your data is not stored on a server and remains under your control.

Experiments and protocols are stored in an open-source format (PARStore) and are always with you, even when offline.

And you can still get the best of both worlds: with Dropbox sync, you can keep your data in sync on multiple devices, while having an extra backup.


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  • iPad23G-iPad23G
  • iPhone4S-iPhone4S
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New in version 1.3.1 & 1.3.2:

- Fixes crash on iOS 8

- Fixes compatibility issue with Findings 1.4 for Mac that results in crashes

New in version 1.3:

- Support for iPad.

- Support for landscape orientation on all iOS devices, & improved layout for all screen sizes.

- Support for iOS 9 multitasking enhancements for iPad (Split Screen and Slide Over).

- Export Findings archive via the Share button.

- Import of Findings archive from other applications (Mail, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Like on Mac, you can select which document to add or merge.

- Significant improvements to the protocol browser (p<0.001): relevant science fields and separation of your protocols, protocols from others and Findings example.

- Create a new experiment directly from a protocol

- Support for 3D Touch on application icon, with shortcut items to show your experiments, the protocol browser, or a new experiment.

Improvements in version 1.3:

- Clearer requests to enable notifications (for timers).

- Nicer-looking superscript & subscript.

- Easier selection of subfield in protocol metadata editor.

- Message to the user when an attachment does not support Quicklook & cannot be previewed on iOS.

- More options for troubleshooting sync under the 'Advanced' section in the settings, including manual sync trigger, Dropbox cache reset, Dropbox file removal, and sync diagnostic logs.

- Completed experiments are automatically marked as ongoing when adding new content for current or future days.

- Example protocols that come with the app are now read-only.

- Tweaks to the app icons, in particular adding missing assets for 3x resolution on iPhone 6S+.

- Allows navigation back to last day of an experiment after moving to today, by having the 'Today' button become 'Last Edit'.

- Creating a new experiment uses a clearer 'Create' button instead of the potentially confusing 'Save'.

- Experiment and protocol deletion now possible in the metadata editor ('i' button).

- Protocol creation possible from any screen of the protocol browser (previously, it was only possible from within a subfield).

- Sharing via AirDrop.

- Full-fledge protocol browser to select a protocol to add to an experiment.

- Watch: start countdown timer immediately when adding via the Watch app.

- Watch: dismissing iPhone alert when timer is stopped on Watch app.

- Watch: clearer accessibility labels on Watch app.

Bug fixes in version 1.3:

- Hiding the irrelevant calendar icon when editing protocols.

- Table display bugs and truncation in document view.

- List numbering wrongly interrupted by table.

- Update completed state of paragraphs after reordering.

- Actually query start date when duplicating an experiment.

- Correctly displaying experiments pending completion under the 'Ongoing' tab when selecting an experiment to duplicate.

- Missing information in diagnostic section of pre-filled feedback emails.

- Using the correct tint color in the various protocol-related views.

- Insertion of picture below selected paragraph when using the paragraph toolbar.

- Keyboard hiding modal menu for changing note type.

- Extraneous space in support button.

- Removing unused options wrongly displayed for Findings in the Settings app.

- Icon missing or incorrect icon when using swipe-to-right to toggle the completion state of a paragraph in the experiment editor.

- Displaying multi-line text in the metadata editor screen.

- For a paragraph added on Mac, a timer could only be added after "deleting" a (non-existing) timer.

- Attachments not duplicated when duplicating an experiment.

- Correctly displaying styled text (bold, italics, etc.) in bullet-list paragraphs.

- Watch: unreliable notification when starting timer from Watch app.

- Watch: glance update after updating experiment progress or timer in the Watch app.

If you enjoy Findings, please leave a positive review or rating on the App Store. If you rated us in the past, please resubmit as the ratings are reset at each new update. Thanks for your support!


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