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Games for Scratch est un ensemble de tutoriels vidéos pour apprendre à utiliser Scratch.

Cette application a été développée indépendamment de l'équipe MIT Scratch, qui produit Scratch, langage de programmation graphique qui facilite la création d’histoires et de dispositifs interactifs, de dessins animés, de jeux, de musiques, de simulations numériques, etc. Il est conçu pour initier les enfants, à partir de 8 ans, aux concepts importants en mathématiques et informatique et les aider à créer, raisonner et coopérer.






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This app was developed independently of the MIT Scratch Team, which produces the Scratch programming language and online community.

The Scratch name and Scratch cat are trademarks of MITA set of 4 fantastic tutorials packed with dozens of videos to get you going with scratch 2.

Loads and loads of skills covered and I promise you that you will create fantastic games by the end of the videos.So what are these games? Well we have gone all "retro" with 2 of them which means you will be shown how to create "Breakout" and "Frogger" whilst the 3rd game will show you how to build your own 2 player "top down racer".

Finally we will show you how to build a simple game using a webcam and also give some ideas for plenty of extension tasks for all the game builds too.These are no ordinary "watch and repeat" type videos though.

The vast majority will set you a task, give you some clues how to complete it, and then if you are stuck the next video will show the solution to the task.

This way you will build up your skills a little faster in scratch than simply copying what you have seen in the video!You will need to head to the scratch website to get going and create yourself a scratch account or download the scratch 2.0 offline editor form the same website.*TEACHERS* the point of this app is that kids can use their tablet or phone alongside the pc to build their games in Scratch.

You can just sit back and relax without having to plan anything.

Oh and there is enough material to keep your students busy for around 6 hours, even if they don't manage to have a go at the extension tasks that are identified for all 4 games!!


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