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Application de chonomètrage avec photo sur ligne d'arrivée

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A timer for running events (or whatever events you find it useful for).

Free to download and no adverts.In addition to giving times and positions, photos are taken to capture runners crossing the finish line.

The recording of times is given priority, so if a group of runners finish close together and the camera can't keep up some photo's will be skipped but times and positions will be recorded.

Results can be shared by email/bluetooth etc..

Allows left and right handed operation and also control via volume buttons, camera button or headset buttons.It's simple to use but try it out before using it to time an event to make sure it works as you require and try it out "in the field" to work out where to stand to reliably capture useful photo's of runners at finish line.

For more details see the website you use it, whether it's for timing a race, a parkrun, a trip the shops or anything else I'd really like to hear any comments.

Any feature requests let me know.21st May 2013 - just realised there's a beta option in Google Play, if you want to try out beta versions join this google group you should be able to get a beta version from here I'm not convinced it's working ...

if anyone tries it out - let me know (only difference at the moment is that in settings the version will have beta in it e.g.

"23beta")If you like Photo Stopwatch, but aren't interested in getting updates to the app., or have a problem with the latest version then "Photo Stopwatch Classic" is worth trying, it is basically a copy of version 23, which has been reasonably


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