S.O.S. Ostsee

Infos :

A partir du niveau A2+

Exercices interactifs, appropriation du lexique spécifique  (technique / animaux / pollution / environnement)

Informations diverses sur la mer baltique

L'élève a 4 missions à accomplir

Sensibilisation à la protection de l'environnement

Icône :

Prix : Gratuit

- description

"SOS Baltic Sea" is an online game consistent with the Goethe-Institut interdisciplinary approach to teaching German as a foreign language (at the level A2+).

This production was created as part of the international project "Baltic cooperation" (for more info, see www.goethe.de/ostsee).

In short missions, young people discover new knowledge about the Baltic Sea and its environmental problems.

In addition to playing technique, the knowledge of German and Baltic specific terms are transmitted during these missions, as well as tests and review in a playful environment.

The title of the game which is also the project‘s logo, "SOS Baltic Sea", represents the main message of the project: Take care of the Baltic Sea, think of it and explore its problems, across all borders.• 2 Game Characters• 4 Environmental Missions• 4 interactive exercises in the logbook• Technical terms: engineering, animals, pollution, environment• Various specialized information on the Baltic Sea• Built-in game instructions, intuitive control• Point calculation according to environmental improvement results


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