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Petite application très utile pour chromomètrer et connaitre les temps intermédiares en natation .

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Prix : Gratuit

- description

Swim Stopwatch has a unique and original layout allowing a coach to watch turns and finishes while pressing a large button that they can't miss.

Then, after getting the touches, the coach drags the splits to the appropriate lane and split position.

Swim Stopwatch then calculates the split times.Swim Stopwatch has been developed by a high school swim coach in Southern California.

The problem addressed was the difficulty of getting times for multiple swimmers in one app.

Other apps do split times for multiple people, but they give you a small button for each that's easy to miss when a race is tight.

Swim Stopwatch lets you just push one big button and then sort out which time goes to who after.This app is in continuing development.

Improvements will be coming soon.

Please email with any suggestions you have, and reviews are always appreciated.


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