Vespucci OSM Editor

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Vespucci est un éditeur pour OpenStreetMap sous Android. Vous pourrez ainsi télécharger des données cartographiques sur une zone définie puis éditer la carte. Une fois votre édition terminée, vous pouvez envoyer les changements directement aux serveurs OSM. OpenStreetMap est une carte libre et modifiable du monde entier. 

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Vespucci is an advanced tool for editing OpenStreetMap data, it is not a map viewer or a navigation app.

You will need an OpenStreetMap account to use it .You can download the map data for a specific area and edit the map.

After editing, you can upload it directly to the OSM servers.Any accidental change can be undone and all changes are listed for review before upload.

Tag-autocompletion, JOSM compatible presets, links to the translated map-features pages and even auto-completing nearby street names help to find the right tags to use.We recommend disabling auto-updates for Vespucci so that you can upload your edits before app updates.More information and documentation can be found on and in the on-device help.OpenStreetMap, OSM and the magnifying glass logo are trademarks of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

The Vespucci app is not endorsed by or affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation.


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