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Voki permet de créer des personnages personnalisés et dynamiques.

Le personnage sera ensuite partageable via une URL et donc intégrable dans un ENT.





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Join the millions of teachers and students around the world using Voki to create dynamic speaking characters (Vokis) to increase classroom engagement and retention.Voki is an Education Technology (EdTech) tool for the evolving 21st century classroom.

Using Voki, teachers, educators and students can create amazing speaking characters using the power of their own spoken voice.

Choose from hundreds of customizable cartoons, animals, historical figures and world leaders just to name a few.Make each character your own! Customize the body, background, clothing and accessories of your Voki.

The possibilities are endless!Give your Voki a voice! Once you’ve created your Voki, you can make it speak with your own spoken voice!To create a talking Voki:1.

Select a character from the Voki Library2.

Select the record option and speak into your microphone 3.

Export, share and/or present your talking character!Additional Features:- Hundreds of diverse characters (vokis)- Customizable bodies, clothing, accessories, facial features, hair and more- Record your own voice or type a message using Text-to-Speech (TTS)- Support for over 25 different languages and accents using TTS- Download and/or share your Voki across all popular social networksEducational Benefits:- Increased student retention, engagement and comprehension- Great for developing student speaking skills & abilities- Great way for students to develop confidence in public speaking and presenting- Powerful student and teacher tool for students with disabilities- Incredible tool for foreign language learning (over 25 languages supported)- Great for teacher lessons, presentations, assessments and more- Creative way to foster student introductions and bios- Convenient tool for stay at home educators and homeschool parentsThe Voki mobile application is a supplement to full Voki.com experience which includes:- Voki Presenter - Advanced tool for creating multi-slide Voki Presentations- Voki Classroom - A convenient tool for managing Voki students and assignments- Voki Teach - A Common core / ELA aligned, pre-curated and fully customizable library of Voki presentations (created by teachers)* All Voki.com website subscribers are also provided with the fully unlocked Voki app experience ($9.99 value) Visit www.voki.com to learn more.


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